Our Story

Our Story

Several years ago, Taylor was touched by the effect horseback riding had on a neighbor boy named Isaac with Autism. He had been participating in an equine therapy program, but with the facility being close to an hour away from his home, he had to discontinue. Taylor had no experience with equine therapy, but offered for Isaac to come ride horses at her family's barn on Saturday's. Isaac started coming to ride and was lead around on a horse named Dougie, to whom he loved to tell "walk on," a phrase he had remembered from his previous program.

Taylor and Isacc's mother, Jenny, were amazed at the changes they saw in Isaac's behavior immediately at the barn but also at changes that occurred away from the barn at home. This was the first time Taylor saw the benefits horseback riding can offer those on the Autism spectrum. She knew if it could work for Isaac, it could also work for other children and chose to pursue equine assisted therapy as a career. Her adaptive riding program, Walk On, is named after Isaac and serves as a constant reminder of our story.


"Our experience with Taylor has been amazing! We started therapy when my son was 5. I had wanted to try this type of therapy but couldn’t find a facility that would work or that would work with him being this young. But then there was Taylor and Walk On Adaptive Riding! Once we started, I knew pretty quickly that my son was getting something out of it. He is non-verbal but between sessions would say his horse’s name! He also connects with the horses in ways he hasn’t with other animals. He hugs their legs and loves to trot as referenced by his giggling. I love the facility, in that we can go year round and everyone is always friendly. My son has progressed to following the routine and seems to enjoy it very much!

Taylor is an incredible person that accommodates our busy schedule. I can’t thank her enough for the support she has offered my son and providing this outlet for him to learn, grow, and experience new things. She is a true blessing!"

-Crystal Oliver

"My two boys with Autism have been taking lessons from Taylor and love it! Both boys say it is their favorite part of every week. These lessons with Taylor have made my boys happier and more self confident. Taylor is amazing to work with, she is understanding and respectful of my boys’ concerns and limitations. Recently, we asked if it would be possible for my younger boy to compete in a riding competition. Taylor prepared him to compete and took him to his first horse show. He did great and had so much fun! It’s been an amazing journey to watch my boys progress and achieve their goals. Scheduling lessons with her is so easy on her website. I would definitely recommend Taylor’s riding program!"

-JoAnna Dansie

"There is only one word to describe Taylor and her equine therapy, AMAZING!!!!! Our daughter has a slight speech delay and we noticed in one lesson working with Taylor she was speaking to her and Logan (horse) more then she ever does in a new situation. Taylor is kind, caring, and compassionate. The time she took with Autumn really showed how much she cares. I highly recommend Taylor!"

-Ashlie McCracken

"Taylor has been giving my 12 year old daughter with ADHD lessons for 7 months now. She has gained self-confidence and has come such a long way. Having a teacher like Taylor in her life has given her the confidence she needs to try things on her own. Of course she loves horses now and has a new hobby and passion!"

-Allison Burnett